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Testimonials - clients' PH@TT Journeys 

My Journey with PHATT

9th December 2020


Like everyone else we were in lockdown here in Spain and over the previous 8-10 months my weight had ballooned to 15stone 4lbs.  I was fat and frumpy, depressed and lethargic, with my only interest being food ......I had to take control and out of desperation I turned to Denise who introduced me to the PHATT programme.  Like every other diet before, I was sceptical, but this was desperation driving me ...... I started with the programme and noticed immediately not only my weight loss, but my energy levels and enthusiasm increased.  I slept better,  I moved better,  I was more motivated, I took pride in my appearance.  I was showered and dressed every day - so I stuck with the plan.


At the end of the first 30 days I was down to 13stone 4lbs .....

Another 30 days I was 11stone 12lbs!

Another 30 days I was 10 stone 11lbs!


So, after  3 rounds of the programme I was 4 stone 7 lbs lighter  - that equates to 4 dress sizes smaller going from a size 22 to 14/16.


I have managed to keep my weight in check but sometimes life gets in the way and when that happens, I just do a reset round and it comes off again.


Apart from the weight loss, this programme has helped my motivation and energy,  got rid of my hot flushes (menopausal) and as an asthmatic I don't use my inhalers any more.  I don't feel bloated any more and mentally I feel good.



My Journey with PHATT

January 2018


I am so grateful that I discovered the Ph@tt programme. It has changed so much for me. I have learned how to eat well forever and I have also achieved true change for the long-term.  No other ‘diet’ ever gave me that - and I had tried them all!


Ph@tt was a game-changer for me because I had daily care and support from a wonderful mentor, it made me accountable and also gave me the love and care that I needed through the process. I also came off the ‘sugar rollercoaster’ and all those nasty cravings were finally under control.


With Ph@tt we learn a lot and our results are real and sustainable. I was desperate when I found this programme through a friend - and I started in January 2018 - since then I have never looked back.

Val so loved her own programme that she decided to become a registered mentor, and was in fact my own mentor.



Elizabeth and Trevor’s journey with Ph@tt

Husband and wife team


We started our Ph@tt journey on the 3rd February 2021. Having printed out the information and did a shop for our first few days on the programme, we stepped on the scales and recorded our weight and forwarded it to our Mentor.


Elizabeth and I had started diets before, but never stuck to them, so we were determined to make this one a success and with our Mentor, Denise on hand for support, we started Stage 1.  This allowed us to eat as much as we liked for the first 3 days, as long as it was on the recommended list. Stepping on the scales the following day, I must say I was delighted with the loss, we had lost almost a kilogram each.


As we progressed from Stage 1 to Stage 2, where everything is weighed, following the suggested menu our weight gradually came off. Some days it was a few grams, others we stayed the same and some we lost over a kilogram.  We mixed and matched the suggested menu and as long as the food you changed to was on the same list as the one you should have had, it didn’t matter.


Being on the Ph@tt Facebook page I was able to see other people’s results and their recipes, which was a great help and drive to keep going.


Stage 2 was 27days and then we moved on to Stage 3.  Again, the menu changed, and you were allowed more variety of foods.  This is called the maintenance stage as it is getting you back into what you might normally eat. Stage 3 is 14 days and after that you are finished the program and we sent Denise our final weight.  Elizabeth had lost 15kgs and I had lost 13.5kgs. We were delighted.


It was hard at times, and we did crave for a slice of toast or a potato, but with the supplements and the support of our Mentor, we never felt hungry or unwell.


I would recommend the Ph@tt programme to anyone. We have started again and hope we will be able to lose some more of those unwanted kilograms.

Elizabeth & Trevor

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