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Putting Health at the Top (Ph@tt) Programme

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  • This programme can be done by anyone, male or female.  If you have 5kgs to lose or 50 kgs to lose, you will be made very welcome here.  You do the programme from the comfort of your own home, so you don’t need to feel humiliated by weighing in front of others.

  • You have me as your personal Mentor, and I will be in contact with you on a daily basis to assist with any queries you may have on your journey and to encourage and support you all the way – no one does this journey alone.

  • The aim of the programme is to create good gut health.  We eat specific foods which are carefully chosen to rest and repair the lining of the gut, and with this comes weight loss.  We eat real foods – no shakes or bars!  You will also take top quality nutritional supplements to keep you healthy and sustain your energy levels.

  • Each round of the programme lasts for 30 days, then we follow up with a 14 day maintenance plan. It is entirely up to the individual after that - if you would like to lose some more weight, you simply do another round. No one decides that but you.

What do I get with the PH@TT weight loss programme?

Our programme involves a one-time purchase of essential nutritional supplements required for the Ph@tt programme. Once purchased, you will receive immediate access to our website to start the Ph@tt weight loss programme. 

Start your Ph@tt weight loss journey today - affordable products and daily mentorship for less than the price of a daily cup of coffee!

Do it for yourself 😊

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